Unique Natural Biopolymers

LAONA LAB offers KERATIN, COLLAGEN, and ELASTIN, which are natural, biologically active and highly purified fibrillar proteins with a preserved molecular structure.

Multi-purpose Function

KERATIN, COLLAGEN, and ELASTIN are naturally-occurring proteins designed by evolution to perform various functions in humans and animals. These proteins are widely used in cosmetology, biotechnology, medicine, veterinary medicine, and production of feed additives.

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Collagen has a high hydration effect, promotes regeneration of the damaged tissues, prolongs the action of medicinal and biologically active substances, stimulates metabolic processes in the joints, and serves as an effective matrix for cell cultivation.

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Keratin strengthens and restores the damaged structure of hair, nails, and eyelashes. It is used as a bioactive feed additive for fur-bearing animals and pets.

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Elastin restores the proper epidermal barrier function, protects the skin against moisture loss, and normalizes sebum production in the body.


LAONA LAB (formerly known as SINAP, LLC) has been operating in the market of cosmetic raw materials for over 25 years. Our clients include large cosmetic companies from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States, biotechnological laboratories, and animal farms.

The idea of production belongs to Alla I. Sapozhnikova, the Russian scientist, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, and the author of more than 20 patents. In the 80's of the XX century, Russian scientists from the MoscoStatete Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology (MVA by K.I. Skryabin) developed a unique technology for producing bioactive collagen and elastin from mammalian tissues and for producing keratin from sheep wool.



Patented technologies allow obtaining native proteins with the preserved three-helix molecular structure. Therefore, our proteins have proven high biological activity in contrast to most analogues, which are products of complete hydrolysis.


LAONA LAB adheres to stringent quality standards. We produce biopolymers from finest raw materials under strict veterinary control. We thoroughly monitor the technological process and final products. All our products are certified that confirms their microbiological purity, safety, non-toxicity, and absence of antigenicity and allergenicity.


From 2006 to 2012, biopolymers produced by LAONA LAB went through comprehensive clinical trials on volunteers at the Institute of Beauty at the Arbat Street (Moscow, Russia). The clinical trials have scientifically proven the high effectiveness of LAONA LAB biopolymers and confirmed the efficiency of their use for cosmetic purposes.

Our customers

We are grateful to the team of LAONA LAB for the long-term cooperation, well-timed deliveries, efficiency, and responsibility of the decisions made. We are looking forward for further fruitful cooperation with LAONA LAB.

Viktor N. Chudaev, Director General, JSC Perfume-cosmetic company “Vesna” (Russia)

I recommend technologists and cosmetologists to include LAONA LAB collagen, elastin and keratin dispersions in formulations. LAONA LAB products are biologically active proteins with proven clinical effectiveness. Their use allows obtaining cosmetic products of excellent quality.

Nadezhda Mironova, Deputy Director General for science, JSC Oberon (Russia)

Over 15 years, LAONA LAB has been our constant supplier of collagen, keratin, and elastin dispersions. These products are always of high quality; deliveries are well-timed. Being our reliable partner and a raw material manufacturer, LAONA LAB ensures the high quality of our own products. .

Elena Statsenko, raw materials quality assurance manager, Fitoprom, LLC (Moscow, Russia)

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