25 years of success in the beauty industry

The highest quality of our products is assured by the long-term fruitful cooperation with the leading cosmetic enterprises of Russia.

Our history

In the 80's of XX century, Russian scientists from the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology (MVA by K.I. Skryabin) developed and patented methods for obtaining collagen, elastin and keratin - bioactive polymers from animal raw materials. In 1991, Professor Alla Sapozhnikova, co-author of the technology, established the SINAP Company, which launched the production of proteins for the needs of cosmetic industry in Russia and CIS countries including cosmetic factory “Svoboda”, Vesna Company, Kora Company, Loren Cosmetic, Viorica Cosmetic and many others.

In 2017, the oldest Russian manufacturer of cosmetic proteins rebranded and henceforth is known as LAONA LAB.

Currently, we offer our partners time-tested products. We are also working on creating our own production of cosmetic boosters and animal feeds.

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Alla I. Sapozhnikova, PhD in biology, 1985

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Why are we known as Laboratories of Wellbeing?

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We preserve beauty and health

We help your clients preserving the beauty and health of skin, hair, and nails that nature has given us.

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We optimize expenses

Being a reliable manufacturer, we provide the best value for money to our customers.

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We care about the environment

We protect the nature by recycling unused animal materials.

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Our strategy is to cooperate with nature. Out of natural raw materials, we obtain natural bioactive cosmetic proteins - high-molecular polypeptides with scientifically proven effectiveness and safety. Our products do not turn the clock back, but they help organising perfect protection of skin, nails and hair from the aggressive influence of the external environment and preserving a person’s natural attractiveness as long as possible.

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Effectiveness is proven

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LAONA LAB does not make empty advertising promises; instead, we give guarantees proven by science.

From 2006 to 2012, our products went through comprehensive clinical trials on 110 volunteers at the Institute of Beauty at the Arbat Street (Moscow, Russia). The clinical trials have scientifically proven the high visible, tangible and measurable effect of LAONA LAB cosmetic proteins - keratin, elastin and collagen.

Add our products to your formulations.

Collagen added to cosmetic formulations increases the skin moisture index by 20%.

Keratin makes dry hair 30% stronger due to the restoration of the cuticle structure and increase of the cortex rigidity.

Elastinincreases the moisture contents of the horny layer of skin by 18-22% and at the same time effectively restores the epidermal barrier and normalizes sebum production.

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Add our products to your formulations

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