How Russian scientists gave cosmetic proteins to the world

Checked, measured, and proven

From 2006 to 2012, these cosmetic proteins went through comprehensive clinical trials on volunteers at the Institute of Beauty at the Arbat Street (Moscow, Russia). The clinical trials have scientifically proven high effectiveness of cosmetic proteins. When added to creams, gels, masks, and lotions, collagen and elastin showed the ability to significantly increase skin hydration and improve its appearance by smoothing the skin relief and making it less noticeable. Added to hair care and nail care products, keratin demonstrated great measurable results to restore broken structure of hair and nails, to return them a shiny and healthy appearance, and increases hair volume.

Recently, the oldest Russian manufacturer of cosmetic proteins rebranded and henceforth is known as LAONA LAB. The company still produces collagen, keratin, and elastin and sells them to cosmetics manufacturers as ingredients. LAONA LAB is also launching its own cosmetic boosters.

The products of LAONA LAB are extremely important for professionals in the cosmetic industry taking into account the course of Russia on import substitution. LAONA LAB does not promise a magical effect and eternal youth and does not hide the truth in the pseudoscientific elusive words. LAONA LAB offers time-tested products to its partners and a real and tangible result to its customers.