I will graft you the ovaries of a monkey, Madam,”* or why are we against artificial interference

Today, people are so obsessed with achieving eternal youth. By “obsessed”, we mean the neurotic desire to deceive the age and to look no older than 30 being 50. This tendency has turned into a new dependence, which scientists have already called as “permayouth”.
Permayouth people are victims of propaganda escalating the wild idea that only young are people of full value. In order to look like the characters of the Hollywood dream factory or like models from fashion magazines, permayouth people are willing to risk not only with their money but also with themselves. Since the days of Bulgakov’s Professor Preobrazhensky, who was grafting the ovaries of monkeys to his desperate patients, nothing has changed fundamentally. The situation has become even worse because the scale of ‘insanity’ increased.

The shortest way back to youth is still through cosmetic clinics. Anti-age trend is not just fashionable. A powerful industry works to create a fairy tale about magic pills and elixirs that can remove wrinkles and make our faces smoother. Today, it is almost indecent not to undertake anti-aging procedures! Moreover, scientists add fuel to the fire assuring that the face and the body can be perfectly supported by hyaluronic acid injections, stem cells, silicone spare parts, and by many other different tricks!

Every year, more and more new anti-ageing drugs and technologies are thrown to the market accompanied by the marketers’ shouts of joy. These new drugs and technologies include mesotherapy, botox, gold thread implantation, peptide cosmetics, biorevitalization … The list as well as the process can be continued indefinitely.

We can understand those specialists who offer all these “fruits of civilization” to people: oh, hell, it is nice, to feel yourself almost God interfering intracellular structures even though using rule of thumb to decide. So what? There are many people willing to pay for injection – there is someone for experiment. No matter how cynical this position is, but people obsessed with achieving eternal youth take into account neither the price nor their own health.

LAONA LAB team do not share the general hysterical fear of the natural order of things. It is not necessary to stay young and beautiful forever; it is enough to be just beautiful – it is not an age thing, but a reasonable and careful attitude to your own internal resources of beauty and health.
Our strategy means cooperation with nature instead of dramatic interference. Out of natural raw materials, we obtain natural bioactive cosmetic proteins – high-molecular polypeptides with scientifically proven effectiveness and safety. Our products do not turn the clock back, but they help organizing perfect protection of skin, nails and hair from the aggressive influence of the external environment and preserving a person’s natural attractiveness as long as possible.

* Citation from The Heart of a Dog – a novel by Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov